Underwater, we are all equal.

Mission Statement


Under the Surface is a non profit organization dedicated to empowering Canadian Military Veterans, RCMP, police, fire and paramedics on their road to recovery through the therapeutic qualities of scuba diving.  We offer an environment of personal growth and camaraderie while creating social connections with others who understand the difficulties of every day life when suffering from mental and physical injuries sustained in the line of duty.

Who We Are


Under the Surface was created by a Veteran military nurse and a paramedic that know first hand the struggles of dealing with PTSD and chronic injuries.  We are living through the rehabilitation process and understand the stress getting healthy can have on the family.  

The Experience


Under the Surface realizes it is important to have the support of a family member on the journey of rehabilitation.  Participation will be open to all Canadian Military Veterans or first responders along with a support person of their choosing, focusing on their abilities not their disabilities.  Together, they will obtain their PADI Open Water Diver certification or Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) certification, enabling them to scuba dive anywhere in the world!  Certification consists of online e-learning, confined water skills in a pool, and open water diving locally or in Cozumel, Mexico.

Why It Works


Underwater, we are all equal.  Scuba diving is like entering another world, when you slip under the water's surface everything changes.  Slow breathing promotes a state of calm, a weightless environment alleviates pressure and pain, atmospheric pressure while at depth creates a natural release of feel good endorphins.  Most of all, scuba diving provides an opportunity to explore new possibilities and builds a sense of identity that can lead to personal growth and a healthy lifestyle. 


Mike Bullard Gets A Vet Wet Campaign April 4 7pm Yuk Yuk's Ottawa

Mike Bullard Gets A Vet Wet Campaign April 4 7pm Yuk Yuk's Ottawa

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Who can dive?  Anyone who is deemed medically able to by a doctor.

Age restrictions?  10 years or older

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